MXB468F product shot

New Sharp A4 MFP models Empower Modern Workplaces

The Sharp MX-B468F, MX-B468P, MX-C358F and MX-C428P models provide connectivity, security, sustainability, and productivity features to meet the needs of any business.

Sharp recently announced four new A4 colour multi-function printers (MFPs) designed for the needs of contemporary hybrid work environments. The Sharp MX-B468F, MX-B468P, MX-C358F and MX-C428P build on our heritage for innovation and display our deep understanding of how workplaces and workforces are not only changing but evolving.

Employees need flexible tools to stay productive whether in the office, working from home, a third-party space, or even on the move. Sharp’s latest models allow organisations to equip their hybrid teams with printing solutions that drive productivity regardless of location.

New Models at a Glance

The four new additions, alongside the Sharp MX-C528F and Sharp MX-C428F launched earlier this year comprise:

The Sharp MX-C428P is a compact desktop colour printer that can suit the needs of SOHO, small workgroup and mid or large offices, in a desktop or floor standing configuration. Offering true 1200 x 1200dpi resolution, print speeds of up to 40ppm, a maximum paper capacity of 2001 sheets and the ability to print on card stock and envelopes this printer can take care of all printing requirements in a busy environment.

The Sharp MX-C358F is a business entry-level compact A4 colour MFP, that offers a host of essential productivity features that suits the needs of any work environment, in a desktop or floor standing configuration. Energy management features reduce power consumption in both active and sleep mode, all help cut costs while being environmentally responsible at the same time.

The Sharp MX-B468P is a compact A4 black & white entry-level business printer that offers print speeds of up to 44ppm, 1200 x 1200dpi resolution, and a maximum paper capacity of 2000 sheets with the ability to print on card stock and envelopes. Mobile printing is fully supported by AirPrint, while the optional wireless connectivity enables the device to be positioned anywhere within the office.

The Sharp MX-B468F is a business entry-level compact A4 black & white MFP with built-in wireless connectivity. Offering print speeds of up to 44ppm and super-fast scan speeds of up to 98ipm, productivity stays high and ensures your data is printed or captured in no time at all.

Enabling Seamless Collaboration

Designed to make life easier, every model features an enhanced feature set and smart functionality, including multi-touch display in a range of sizes (the MX-B468P has a 2.8-inch LCD, while the MX-C358F a 4.3-inch LCD, for example) and Sharp’s award-winning Easy User Interface. Where space is an issue, whether you’re working from home or the office, our ultra-compact business entry-level range deliver speed, efficiency and essential document functionality with no compromise on quality.

The new models offer businesses efficient document management delivering print speeds of up to 44ppm, while scan-to-share functions allow ad-hoc distribution of files to internal and external stakeholders. The MFPs boast fast scan speeds, automatic two-sided scanning, and OCR capabilities simplify digitising documents for easy sharing and markup. With the ability to print a single colour page in as little as six seconds, users can power through complex print jobs, even with large, high-resolution photos and graphics.

To meet the growing demands for seamless collaboration, regardless of location, employees the Sharp MX-B468F, MX-B468P, MX-C358F and MX-C428P MFPs enable a variety of ways to connect. The devices provide cloud connectivity for location-independent printing and scanning. And convenient direct printing from USB drives, network drives or cloud repositories saves even more time. Native mobile apps make documents accessible on smartphones and tablets for productivity on the go.

Robust Security for Peace of Mind

Data security is more critical than ever given remote and mobile working patterns. The Sharp MX-B468F, MX-B468P, MX-C358F and MX-C428P MFPs have been engineered to safeguard sensitive information with both physical and digital protections.

The integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) (an option) provides a more secure experience for users by storing hard drive encryption keys on a separate piece of hardware. SSL Certificate Validation automatically checks that all third-party servers communicating with devices are safe, to prevent any unauthorised attempts to access information.

IT administrators can remotely apply security policies across devices. Device can be authenticated using a variety of methods, including card readers, PINs or passwords, to suit your preferred security protocols. Once users are authenticated, the connection to the company network is fully secure.

Sustainability for Modern Workplaces

With green initiatives now a business priority, a variety of high efficiency features also help you reduce running costs and protect the environment. Default double-sided printing reduces paper waste, while long-life consumables help lower the number of disposables being used. Recyclable packaging cuts environmental impact.

Low-power modes activate during downtimes to conserve energy. Faster warm up time reduces power consumption by up to 11% compared to previous models, while longer life toner cartridges reduce waste and require less servicing. By considering sustainability factors, the new A4 MFPs help organisations of all sizes cost-effectively align office printing with their wider environmental commitments.

Overall, the Sharp MX-B468F, MX-B468P, MX-C358F and MX-C428P models are designed to meet the needs of hybrid workplaces with their emphasis on flexibility, security, ease of use, and ability to improve efficiency and collaboration.

To find out more about how Sharp A4 MFPs and printers highlight our continued commitment to developing office technology that aligns with the modern workplace, Get In Touch.