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Synappx Meeting: Finally Start Meetings on Time

Synappx Meeting from Sharp has been designed to solve the challenges of complex meeting room technology, so you can focus on collaboration and idea sharing. Rob Davis, Business Manager at Sharp Europe, discusses the productivity and security benefits of our new service. 

Research has shown that it can often take as long as 10 minutes for the average meeting to get started and be productive. As the modern business environment advances its digital transformation, employees are increasingly challenged to organise and execute productive meetings in a timely fashion. 

This lost time is often down to activities such as connecting laptops to a large display for presentation purposes, connecting to and maintaining the conferencing system, or simply locating the right content with which to present. 

At Sharp, we do not seek to merely expand business volume, we are dedicated to creating innovative technologies that contribute to business culture, benefits, and employee welfare. 

To this end, we believe these challenges can be solved with a brand-new Sharp service, called Synappx Meeting. 

What is Synappx Meeting?
Using Synappx Meeting from Sharp means you don’t need to worry about the technologies required to start and run a meeting, enabling you to focus on the meeting at hand and collaborate with your colleagues.

It’s part of the new Synappx service from Sharp, which allows us to combine platforms and applications that customers are already using with Sharp devices. Synappx leverages cloud and mobile technology to help deliver a seamless and timely meeting experience, allowing users to experience a consistent and simple way of working across our product portfolio.

By minimising the technology challenges to starting a meeting, Synappx Meeting helps employees be more productive. Meetings can start with one simple click of a button to wirelessly connect devices, while ad hoc meetings can be started in a workspace with Synappx Meeting automatically tracking and booking the meeting room required. 

While making meetings start on time is a core element of Synappx Meeting, it is not the only benefit of the service. 

For example, once in the meeting room you can auto-cast your laptop, as well as automatically connect web conference services, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, so that those dialling in remotely don’t need to wait to be admitted to the meeting. 

Every meeting attendee, regardless of whether it is ad hoc or pre-planned, needs access to meeting materials, and with Synappx Meeting that is easy. You can set shortcuts to your favourite websites and folders and quickly access documents attached in the meeting invitation and saved in your cloud storage.

When the meeting is in progress, Synappx Meeting can remind attendees when the meeting is coming to its scheduled end, so you can create action points and next steps without needing to rush. Should you need to extend the meeting time for any reason, the Synappx Meeting Assistant can automatically update the room calendar to reflect this extended schedule. 

Once the meeting is over, you can close the meeting down with a single click, leaving Synappx Meeting to automatically disconnect devices and technologies being used, leaving the room available for the next user. 

As a final action, it will update the meeting room calendar, and even free the meeting room should, for any reason, the meeting end early. It is these little features that allow attendees to forget about the technicalities of meeting room organisation and simply focus on the collaboration at hand. 

Synappx Meeting and Security 
Synappx Meeting provides not only a seamless user experience, we have also designed it so that IT Managers, and those in charge of keeping the workforce productive, also have as central and seamless an experience as possible. 

To this end, the Synappx Admin Portal allows you to track and manage licenses, workspaces and service components from one central administration console. Analytics is presented in a visual format, so IT administrators have insight into organisational trends, ensuring that meeting facilities are used efficiently. 

As with all Sharp connected technologies, security is at the forefront of our design. In the case of Synappx Meeting, applications are protected by layered security, so whether you’re using Microsoft 365, or Google G-Suite, you’ll find that security best practices are in place. 

Everything we do at Sharp is designed to bring to life new solutions that create a new way of living, thinking and being, and while Synappx Meeting may not change the way we live, it will certainly enable us to define and run meetings more efficiently.

If you would like to know more about how Synappx Meeting, Windows collaboration display, or how Sharp Europe can help your business progress its digital transformation, Get In Touch.