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Sharp Europe & charity: water Providing Clean Water in Ethiopia

Sharp Europe has completed its first major commitment with charity: water, bringing Ethiopian communities a safe and reliable source of drinking water.

We are delighted to report back that this mission has been a success, transforming the future for more than 65,465 people.
Back in 2019, we began our project with charity: water to help improve the water infrastructure in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Fast forward two years, and we could never have imagined how significant this venture would be.
One of the major themes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been around "washing your hands". Good hygiene and thorough cleansing are everyone's first line of defence against infection, which means that a baseline level of health is almost impossible without clean water.
Unfortunately, restricted drinking water access is the reality for four out of five families in developing countries.

Sharp Europe and Charity: Water

With this statistic in mind, we wanted to make a difference and help bridge the water investment gap. So, 21 months ago, we partnered with Charity: water, the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that has genuinely innovated the social impact sector through its values of 100 per cent donations, transparency and working with local organisations.
Along with Charity: Water, our implementing partner was the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), the largest NGO in the region.
Not only did this amazing local organisation carry out the project groundwork, which included hand digging or drilling, creating local infrastructure like roads, GPS mapping and testing the water flow and quality, but they also prioritised the sustainability of the project. This meant increasing water education programmes and infrastructure maintenance knowledge.
They created a community-led water committee, established long-term health and hygiene practices and encouraged community members to identify their sanitation challenges, develop their own solutions, and eventually become Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities.

Sharp Europe and Charity: Water Results

The donation from Sharp Europe funded one well with fully serviceable handpump for people living in Tigray, Ethiopia, bringing people in the region greater access to clean and safe water. The donation was part of a $3,774,590.45 commitment to-date that has funded 312 projects and brought clean water to countless lives, helping their communities grow and flourish.

Water is not only a basic necessity but is also at the centre of any long-lasting future developments and vital for health improvement and poverty eradication. All of us at Sharp Europe are incredibly honoured to have participated in this journey to improve access to clean and safe water.   

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