Print Production & Job Management Software

Fiery Controllers for high volume MFPs

When it comes to getting the best out of centralised high speed digital printing equipment, nothing can match the power and precision of EFI Fiery's print controllers. With the option of a Fiery Controller, your Sharp high speed or high volume printing system will benefit from total colour or monochrome print control achieved through powerful processing technology, seamless integration with Adobe technology and the Fiery SmartRIP.

Industry-leading technology
The award winning Fiery Command WorkStation is an intuitive print job management interface which makes it easy for local and remote Mac and PC clients to control Fiery servers, manage colour, submit jobs, preview jobs before printing, and more. Fiery servers come with a wide range of workflow and colour management software tools benefiting printing environments requiring higher volumes of printed documents, giving you complete control over every part of the print workflow.

Easy productivity
Printer operators will appreciate advanced functions such as standard and custom ICC profiles, and RGB to CMYK colour conversion, but even walk up users will find it easy to adjust colour balance, image brightness, contrast and saturation. Because Fiery servers can spool, RIP and print simultaneously, the printing system can run at its full rated speed regardless of which configuration you decide on. You’ll find productivity is enhanced across higher volume print runs and centralised print work turned around faster than ever.

Precise, consistent colour
All Fiery servers are PANTONE® calibrated to guarantee the best match for all PANTONE colour libraries. Fiery colour management tools for colour matching, profiling, pre-flight and troubleshooting guarantee the best colour consistency and accuracy.

Convenient variable data printing
Fiery software is also ideal for creating personalised communications with variable data printing (VDP). Compatible with all VDP protocols, languages and applications, they let you work with the authoring tool of your choice to create static and variable elements.

Key features

  • Intuitive print job management interface
  • Wide range of workflow and colour management software tools
  • Powerful processing technology