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Take control of your documents

Nothing hinders productivity more than employees being unable to find the documents they’re looking for. Unfortunately, in today’s digital-first world, this is commonplace. Documents are often created and stored in numerous environments: on paper, laptops, USB sticks, email, the cloud…the list goes on. 

Without a document management system to keep track of all this – and the volume of paper is growing and changing by the day – it’s easy for organisations to lose track: data security is at risk, employees feel frustrated and there is a general sense of disorganisation.  

Luckily, document management software is here to save the day.  

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How does it work?

Document management systems for small businesses put the power back in your hands, helping you to get control over your documents while reducing your dependency on paper.  

Document Management streamlines your workflows – whether that’s a computer file or a document you uploaded from your all-in-one printer. You can capture, store, manage, share, print and retrieve all of your business documents safely and securely. 

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So much more...

Electronic document management systems go beyond just locating and storing documents. As the name indicates, they give you unparalleled document management capabilities.  

  • Transparency and control: You decide which employees get access to which documents, based on the documents’ sensitivity and your employees’ level of authorisation.  
  • Productivity: Authorised users can access everything they need and at anytime - whatever device they are working from.  
  • Version control: A document management system ensures that people are working from the latest iteration of a document – with the ability to roll back changes and revert to an earlier version if necessary.  
  • Collaboration: Using document capture, multiple team members can share and access the same document and work together in real-time from different devices. This is paramount for facilitating collaboration in the remote working world, where team members won’t always be in the same office building.  
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What are the benefits?

Document management software has a host of benefits for businesses of all sizes, including:

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Improved document security and compliance

By knowing where your documents are located – and the data they contain – you reduce the likelihood of accidental data loss. Document management also empowers you to control who accesses your documents.  

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Enhanced productivity

Unifying documents makes it easier for employees to find what they need, collaborate with each other and get their work done.  

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Reduced costs

The software reduces the need for printing by capturing electronic documents online. This can help to reduce costs, as well as improve efficiency.  

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