Document Workflow

Streamline repetitive business tasks

Many essential business tasks are extremely repetitive: timesheets, payroll approval, invoices - the list goes on. For your employees, these jobs can be mundane and take up valuable time.  

Document workflow software helps you to automate your business processes – from finance procedures to HR workflows – enabling you to move away from paper-intensive, repetitive tasks to lean digital operations.  

Empower your people to reclaim their time, so they can focus on the jobs that count. 

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How does it work?

Business process workflow and document management software work together to streamline business processes. They create a digital step-by-step process that helps your people to create, track, edit, store and manage routine documents.  

Document workflow software like this is incredibly powerful – but it’s not just for large corporations. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of its many benefits. These include:  

  • Reducing human errors - Automating process workflows can reduce the number of mistakes made – and takes the pressure off your employees.  
  • Speeding up processes - Computers can read faster than humans, and automated filing and sending saves time. 
  • Digital signatures and approvals - Document approval workflows can automatically route documents to the correct individual – no matter where they might be working – offering significant efficiencies.
  • Cutting costs - Less reliance on paper processing means saving money on print costs and consumables. 
  • Boosting transparency and accountability - With digital workflows comes more data – making it easier to ensure transparency across your organisation.  
  • Improving disaster recovery capabilities - Digitisation means you now have a digital backup of your documents, with cloud storage adding even greater protection and flexibility.
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Document workflow in action

Document workflow software can help with productivity, visibility and control control.

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Improve productivity

By harnessing the power of document workflow automation, these solutions bring proactivity to your work-stream. For example, if someone forgets to take action on a document, the intelligent software will remind them that their attention is needed. 

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Boost visibility

Whether a document is paper-based or digital, the document capture feature makes it quick and simple for employees to digitise a document and send it to the right person securely.  

You can also connect directly to your all-in-one printers, making it seamless for employees to distribute information, while you can keep track of exactly where your data is going. 

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Reduce costs

Because files are stored electronically, business process workflows also help to reduce your reliance on printers and paper-driven documents.

When combined with document & print management software, this reduces the cost of printing and copying, enabling you to manage your printers and supplies more efficiently – and promoting greater environmental sustainability. 

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