Light Print Production & Job Management

What is light print production and job management?

A light print production & job management system can help in-house print rooms, Corporate Reprographic Departments (CRD), educational print rooms and offices of all sizes improve their document quality, boost efficiency, enhance security, reduce their environmental footprint, and cut printing costs

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Efficient printing in a digital world

Even in today’s digitised world, printed documents remain an important part of the way we communicate and conduct business. What is now vital is ensuring that they are produced as efficiently and effectively as possible – however and wherever they are created.

A light print production and job management system is the solution – especially if you have an in-house print room or Corporate Reprographic Department (CRD), regularly produce printed educational materials, or generate a high volume of office documents. When implemented effectively, printing management software can help you improve your document quality, boost efficiency, enhance security, reduce your environmental footprint, and cut printing costs.

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Enabling effortless control

No matter how many printers you have – from a fleet of all-in-one printers to just a few single-function devices – light print production and job management software lets you manage everything from a single dashboard. You can use it to improve print quality and colour accuracy, combine mixed print media, streamline imposition, and use pre-set imposition templates, and handle Variable Data Printing (VDP) jobs.

An intuitive drag and drop interface also enables effortless control of even the most complex digital print output, even if you have a non-IT background. You can select an output device, balance workloads, split jobs between printers to increase the overall output speed, and use electronic job ticketing to speed up and simplify the workflow. And powerful print job previewing lets you check print jobs before committing to large print runs, minimising mistakes and saving time and costs.

In addition, there is no need to physically check each printer to monitor toner levels and paper supplies, or diagnose errors. Print management software automatically collects and collates all of this information, so you can access it from one central location and check on the status of your printers at a glance. By minimising waste it not only reduces printing costs but also contributes to upholding your environmental policies.

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Protecting your business

A robust light print production and job management system will improve your information security, as well as regulatory compliance. It enables secure management of every device, as it monitors when and why your printers are being used and precisely who used them. So you have full accountability and traceability of who has printed, copied or scanned sensitive documents

In addition, the printing software lets you proactively control access to your printers, so only authorised users have the option to use them. As well as ensuring that operators can easily access all of the printing services they need, it also prevents any unauthorised manipulation or disclosure of your sensitive data during its processing, transmission or storage.

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