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Sharp’s printers and photocopiers include many advanced security features to protect you from a multitude of information security threats and help you comply with data protection regulations.

Information Security

Information security breaches through networked and Internet-enabled devices like multifunction printers (MFPs) and all-in-one printers are a reality – and getting worse as the new vulnerabilities are exploited. The average cost of a data loss due to unsecure printing practices has now reached £825,000 in Europe*. 

While the issue of data security is high on the agenda of most organisations, printers are often overlooked and can be a potential weak spot in your document security, print security, device security and network security. Recent research conducted by Sharp shows that 

21% of office workers confirmed that they do not have any security processes in place for printers or MFPs**.

It means they are a key target for hackers as they provide a gateway into your business and enable access to sensitive information contained in the print and scan jobs. 

* “Print Security Landscape 2020”, Quocirca 
** “Simple Printer Security for Small Business”, 2020, Sharp 

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Protect your data

However, to be fully effective, information security needs to protect your systems and valuable business information from all forms of unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction: 

  • Physical threats – any physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage of information or systems, whether internal, like an unstable power supply, external, such as lightning strikes, or human, maybe due to a disgruntled employee. 
  • Network threats – any activity that enables unauthorised access to your network, usually to access or compromise data, such as viruses and malware, steal confidential information, like phishing campaigns, or prevent access to your systems through Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks or ransomware. 
  • Legal responsibilities – the protection of any sensitive data that a business holds, wherever it is held, such as employee records, customer information and account data, as required by prevailing government or industry regulations, such as GDPR. 
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How Sharp can help

Sharp recognises that information security is an essential part of your document & print management strategy.


Smart Security Service

If commercially sensitive or business-critical information is stolen or compromised it can have a huge operational and financial impact – something that many businesses never fully recover from. 

Sharp has introduced an innovative security ‘as a service’ offering that helps you understand the threats to your business and provides you with on-device protection that is tailored to your individual office needs.

Smart Security Service, which is a bespoke profiling service that is designed to assess data threats to your MFPs. Our security experts tailor a unique security configuration to match your organisation’s security policy. We then ensure that all of your Sharp printers and Sharp photocopiers are pre-configured, delivered, installed and integrated simply and securely as possible. 

Our powerful security also means you can access Sharp printers and photocopiers from your own smartphone or mobile device as easily and safely as an office PC. So you can enjoy hassle-free printing, simplified scanning and seamless information sharing wherever you are. 

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On-Device Security Features

Sharp printers and photocopiers include a suite of security features. These are designed to help you control and manage your print security policies. They also protect your information and document assets from a multitude of physical and cyber security threats, while meeting your legal compliance requirements. They include:

  • User Authentication before you can use a device 
  • Serverless Print Release so users can securely print and release jobs from up to 5 other devices on the same network. 
  • Automatic Encryption of any documents stored on or emailed from the device 
  • Self-healing Technology to safely recover a device in the event of an attack 
  • Flashing LED to remind you to retrieve your documents after scanning 
  • Whitelisting of applications and firmware that can communicate with the device 
  • SSL/TLS Certificate Validation to check that third party servers communicating with your device are safe 
  • Audit Trail and job log features to provide comprehensive review of all user activity 
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