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How tech transformation can drive business success

Digital transformation has been a relentless force in the past few years. And the process is still ongoing. After all, digital transformation isn’t something you “do once” and that’s it. It’s an iterative process, and many businesses are continually developing their strategies and adopting new technologies as a result.

But while some people may be suffering from change fatigue, embracing up-to-date technology can solve some key, real-life challenges – especially for smaller businesses.  As the Small Business Digital Transformation survey has reported, “small businesses [that engage] in digital transformation [see] eight times the revenue growth of those without digital efforts.”

Let's take a look at how small businesses could benefit from tech transformation.

What can digital transformation do?

From improved communication to boosted productivity, there are many ways tech transformation can help small businesses up their game. The right digital tools can offer a range of benefits that contribute to growth and competitiveness.

Communicate better

Communication apps and virtual workspaces can vastly improve how small businesses operate. This is especially the case for those with team members working in disparate locations. The right tech tools can facilitate real-time communication such as instant messaging, cloud-based file sharing, and seamless collaboration among team members – whether they’re joining a meeting from their home office or sending documents while on the move. 

Boost productivity

In small businesses, individual employees may wear many hats and work across departments. And when things get busy, admin tasks such as data entry, scheduling, and order processing are not a good use of time.  

Tech tools – especially AI-powered tools – can facilitate the automation of such repetitive tasks.  This can free up time for team members to focus on more complex, value-adding activities, and save businesses money on unnecessary overheads.

Customer experience

Tools – such as chatbots and automation software – can help boost the customer experience by resolving simple queries quickly. For businesses without a dedicated customer service team – or for businesses with a very small one – these tools can streamline workflows and free up time. 

Cyber security

Small businesses are more often the target of cyber attacks. For this reason, they should take cyber security seriously. Machine learning and AI cyber security tools can help here, as they can enable more advanced threat detection. And upgrading network security infrastructure with advanced firewalls can also help, especially when it comes to protecting against unauthorised access, malware, and other dangerous attacks. Small businesses should also have robust backup and disaster recovery plans in place, and consider implementing further protection such as endpoint security. 

Learning and development

There are now countless learning platforms offering training opportunities for small businesses. These platforms can empower employees to acquire new and relevant skills and are particularly beneficial for small businesses. After all, smaller businesses won’t always have an in-house training team, and some may not have enough staff to conduct regular knowledge-sharing sessions.  On top of this, online training tools can be highly cost-effective, and available no matter where your team is. 

How Sharp can help?

Given all the benefits, small businesses should make time to implement digital tools.  The task is often not as daunting as many think, and the right tech can revolutionise working life and supercharge growth.

From cyber security services and consultancy, to helpdesk and computing solutions, Sharp has a wide range of support tailored to smaller businesses. Our IT services can optimise the performance of information systems, our smart workplace solutions can bolster hybrid working and our Security Awareness Training helps to keep employees aware of cyber security risks. With our help, small businesses can enhance their IT capabilities, drive innovation, undergo digital transformation, and unlock their potential.