Sharp Energy Solutions Europe Introduces Bifacial N-Type TOPCon Glass/Glass Solar Panel Enhanced with an Extra Watt Boost

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe announces the launch of its newest Bifacial TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) Solar Panel with a wattage upgrade to 580 Watt.  

The NB-JD580 constitutes a Glass/Glass solar panel incorporating N-type 144 M10 half-cells equipped with 16 busbars. The N-Type TOPCon module features a bifacial ratio of up to 80% and a module efficiency reaching 22.45%, allowing it to deliver enhanced performance. In addition, the solar panel capitalises on the advantages of N-Type TOPCon technology, such as increased power and efficiency, improved low-light performance, and elevated bifaciality.

The higher power and efficiency of the N-Type TOPCon technology results in improved energy production, making the panel more cost-effective for users. In addition, the enhanced low-light performance ensures that the panel continues to produce energy even in sub-optimal lighting conditions, thus increasing its overall efficiency.  

The N-Type TOPCon Glass/Glass Bifacial Solar Panel is designed with a low temperature coefficient of -0.30%/°C for power output, ensuring outstanding performance even in elevated ambient temperatures. This feature becomes particularly crucial in the context of climate change and the accompanying rise in temperatures. In addition, the panel is LID-free, which mitigates the risk of power loss throughout its lifespan.  

The NB-JD580 measures 2278 x 1134 mm and features a 30 mm aluminium frame. Both the front and back glass layers are 2 mm thick, adding up to a total panel weight of 32.5 kg. The panel's mechanical specifications make it well-suited for a range of applications, including commercial and utility-scale free-field installations.

The safety, quality, and durability of the panel have been officially recognised and IEC seals have been awarded (IEC61215 and IEC61730). Rigorous testing in accordance with international standards has confirmed their resilience under challenging conditions. The modules have successfully passed tests for resistance to ammonia, salt mist, sand, and potential-induced degradation (PID).

The module is covered by a 30-year linear guarantee on the nominal power output. Within the EU and several other countries, a 15-year product guarantee applies when installed in free-field systems and this is upgraded to 25 years for rooftop mounted modules. This guarantee commences on delivery of the panel to the final customer.

“We are announcing the release of our enhanced 580W Glass/Glass N-Type TOPCon Bifacial Solar Panel,” explained Andrew Lee, Sales Director EMEA at Sharp Energy Solutions Europe. “By incorporating advanced N-Type TOPCon technology and a wattage upgrade in the NB-JD580, we are moving forward on our path towards a more sustainable future.”


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