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Power of People

You’ll find themes that resonate in your own business, such as why more people are keen to achieve a better work life balance, as well as practical ways to improve everyday lives.

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Millennials care about causes larger than just themselves. They want to work with companies that reflect their personal values and who share their passion. Having a strong ethical or responsible company ethos can be a stronger attraction to the workforce of the future than the offer of a fat paycheck.

Mentoring and equality are extremely important to them too. Businesses need to offer them coaches rather than bosses. They want to work for a manager who will be their coach, guide, and mentor. They want a manager who will care about them, both as a person and an employee. The boss for this generation is someone they can talk to, ask questions of, seek advice from, and who will give counsel. They want to feel free to ask questions, accept feedback, report mistakes, disagree, or propose new ideas.