Crowd at Intersolar 2019

60 Years of Sharp Energy Solutions Innovation at Intersolar 2019

Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, but also to celebrate 60 years as a leading innovator in the solar industry.

Intersolar Europe is now in its 28th year and held this year at the Messe München, in Munich, Germany. Playing host to over 50,000 visitors, visiting more than 860 exhibitors and a further 1,000 providers of products and solutions for photovoltaics, the show is an exhilarating three days of solar technologies and the integration of renewable energy.

The exhibition provided the perfect backdrop for Sharp Energy Solutions Europe to celebrate the last 60 years, as well as present the current array of solar solutions.  

The last 60 years have been an amazing time of innovation and delivery for Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, and offering the industry’s longest standing solar experience in both home and industrial installations. In that time, we have established more than one million customers worldwide, and shipped in excess of 50 million PV panels. Putting that into wider context, Sharp has produced 14.3GW (gigawatts) of power, which equates to a total CO2 avoidance of 156 Mt (megatons) of CO2.

At Intersolar 2019 we wished to explore our heritage with an exhibition that explored landmark products, such as a prototype solar cell module designed for the Ogami Island Lighthouse, Nagasaki, and the mono solar cell module used in 1976 on Japan's first operational satellite for space “Ume”.

1966 Sharp Solar Panels

In 1966 Sharp solar panels were installed on the Ogami Island Lighthouse in Nagasaki, Japan. With 225 Watts of power, it had the world's largest solar output of any lighthouse at the time. Sharp now has more than 2,800 lighthouse installations.

A mono solar cell

1976 Sharp Solar Cells

In 1976, we developed Japan's first operational satellite for space “Ume” equipped with Sharp solar cells. Interestingly, Sharp now has more than 170 satellite installations, highlighting the efficiency our technologies can deliver in all conditions – even outer space.

Sharp solar cells

1978 Solar Module

In 1978 this solar module was as well installed on the Ogami Island Lighthouse in Nagasaki, Japan.

You can discover the full story of our solar innovations at Sharp’s 60 years of solar expertise page.  

Sharp solar module

 Sharp Solar Innovation Today

Sharp solar innovations aren’t only limited to the past, as in 2016 our solar panels achieved 31.17% conversion efficiency, which is the world's highest in solar modules. This was accomplished by using triple-junction compound solar cells. These solar cells are used in a lens-based concentrator system that focuses sunlight on the cells to generate electricity.

As a result, Sharp succeeded in increasing the efficiency with which the cell absorbs sunlight at its various wavelengths, achieving the world's highest solar cell conversion efficiency for triple junction technology of 37.9 per cent.

Sharp solar panels

The Sharp Stand  and the all lack 60-cell NU-AK300B

The Sharp stand also demonstrated our recently expanded product line-up, which now includes up to 16 monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules with 48, 60 and 72 cells. The stand will display the newly launched 72-cell NU-AH370 PV module and the all black 60-cell NU-AK300B.

The renewed line-up of high performing modules offers customers a solution for every application, from residential projects up to large-scale commercial installations and free-field power plants.

Sharp stand

Sharp NQ-R258H

We also showcased the Sharp NQ-R258H – the industry’s most efficient 48-cell PV module for the European market, for residential and commercial use.

The NQ-R258H (258W) module incorporates Sharp’s back contact technology with ‘Best in Class’ efficiency of 20 per cent; increasing the amount of sunlight that can be used and returning maximum power output for minimum roof space.

Sharp NQ-R258H

Peter Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe

Peter Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, said: “Sharp’s innovation and developments into module technology over half a century have allowed us to always improve and adapt to market circumstances. We have managed to match expectations globally over the years, and we are proud to be recognised as a strong and reliable supplier and product partner. Our continued growth is testament to this, and in the last business year we saw a 70% shipment growth (megawatts). We are excited to showcase our heritage in solar energy solutions at Intersolar 2019, as well as introducing customers to some of our latest, ground-breaking solutions.”

Peter Thiele
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