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Four innovative ways to use digital signage to engage with customers

Digital signage isn’t just for wayfinding or advertising, it can also be used to cross-sell, or to give timely advice or information.

The Digital Signage market is maturing and evolving, both in terms of new displays and solutions, and new uses for displays. Here, Chris Parker, Senior Product Manager for Sharp Visual Solutions looks at four new ways that digital signage can help your business to engage with customers, as well as improve their experience in your shop or reception.

Build Brand Awareness

A picture is worth a thousand words and so it is with Digital Signage. Placing a display in the reception, or main meeting area, of your business with a rolling video can help raise brand awareness. From telling the story of the company’s origins, to the latest successes, or even most recent products releases, Sharp displays can show images or video from USB memory stick or direct from your organisations network, to better support your company image. 

Cross-Market Selling

A Digital Signage solution doesn’t need to be solely used to promote your own business; it could quite easily be used to offer cross-market selling opportunities. For example, a digital display in a gym could be used to promote third-party products such as sportswear and health-related products, while a display in a hotel reception could be used to promote local car rental hire, restaurants, or theatre events.

Essential Advice

Having your digital display connected to the internet allows for a wide variety of options. For example, it can be used to offer information, whether in the form of rolling news and weather, to more extreme instances by being used to report and broadcast severe weather alerts or traffic disruptions, so that customers and staff are kept informed of what is happening. In this way, your digital display becomes an essential information hub.  

Manage Queues

In a retail setting, Digital Signage can be used to help keep customers informed of the status of their purchase. This could be as simple as a ticketing countdown, to a more managed solution with regular updates and announcements. By using a digital display to keep customers informed, they are less likely to become impatient, so more likely to have an enjoyable buying experience. 

Sharp offers a wide variety of Large Format displays designed for business and retail use, as well as BIG PAD interactive displays for the best in collaboration and end-user engagement.

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