How the Sharp BIG PAD PN-65SC1 is Changing Meeting and Classrooms

From handwriting recognition to anti-glare technology, the Sharp BIG PAD PN-65SC1 interactive display has everything you need to transform lessons and meetings.

We have launched a new size option for BIG PAD, 65-inch, for schools and small to medium-sized businesses who want to introduce their first large format interactive display to classrooms and meeting rooms. Below we look at 10 reasons why the BID PAD PN-65SC1 is an ideal place to start with collaboration technology.

1: Simultaneous Writing

Make brainstorming sessions and classroom activities more lively and productive by getting more people involved. The PN-65SC1 can recognise 10 touch points, which allows up to four people to use a touch pen or finger to write on the display at the same time.

2: Handwriting Recognition

SHARP Pen Software features a handwriting recognition function* that converts selected on-screen handwriting into standard text. This smart and convenient function makes it easy to turn on-screen content into text that can be used in Microsoft® Office programmes and applications. It can also recognise handwritten shapes—such as circles, triangles, and straight lines—and automatically convert them into objects.

*Works with languages supported by both Windows® OS and SHARP Pen Software.

 3: User-Friendly SHARP Pen Software

The user interface of SHARP Pen Software is simple to operate. It incorporates a menu of smartly arranged icons that make it easy to adjust pen settings and access various useful functions. In overlay mode, you can write onscreen annotations or graphics directly onto photos, videos, Adobe® PDFs, and common Microsoft® Office files. Text and graphics written on the board can be easily stored in USB memory* or sent directly via e-mail to selected recipients. The software links smoothly with the PowerPoint® application, enabling you to perform various control operations during slideshow presentations.

*Saved as PDF, BMP, JPEG, or PNG files.

4: 65-Inch Screen with Full-HD Quality

The full-HD (1920 x 1080-pixel) resolution of the 65-inch LCD monitor means that detailed text and images are reproduced vividly and accurately.

5: One-Touch Operability

Buttons for frequently used functions such as power on/off, input switching and volume are on the front of the frame to make the PN-65SC1 easy to operate. There is also a privacy button on the bezel, which means that you can immediately freeze or hide content. While the display continues to show a paused on-screen image, you can work on the connected PC without displaying its operation screen.

6: Minimise Glare and Fingerprints

Protecting the glass screen is an anti-glare film that reduces glare and reflections and minimises fingerprint marks. Documents and teaching materials are easy to read even in bright lighting conditions.

7: User-Focused Design

With its curved corners, the PN-65SC1 has been designed with user safety in mind. Two handles in the rear allow for easy and safe transportation and the PN-65SC1 is compliant with the CUD (colour universal design) standard*, which specifies designs that take into account people’s differing colour perception abilities.

*Based on regulations established by the Colour Universal Design Organization (CUDO), a non-profit organisation in Japan.

 8: MFP Connectivity

Scanned documents can be directly imported to SHARP Pen Software from a compatible Sharp MFP. Onscreen image data, including handwriting, can be sent to a PC for storage or to an MFP for printing.

9: Webcam Mounts

A web camera can be easily mounted on the top of the frame for video conferencing.

10. Built-in Speakers

Two powerful built-in speakers (10 W + 10 W) mean that you don’t need additional speakers for most rooms.

To find out more about the Sharp PN-65SC1, Get In Touch to arrange a demonstration.

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