Partnership between Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and Olympic Engineering & Consulting Strengthens Greek Solar Market

Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and Olympic Engineering & Consulting are pleased to announce their partnership, aiming to further advance the solar industry in Greece. The collaboration between the two companies, which specialise in providing high-quality PV solutions, promises a new era of reliability and efficiency for solar projects in Greece.

Established in 2008 under the leadership of Mr. Sidirokastritis Zois, Olympic Engineering & Consulting is a leading company in the Greek PV market. With a strong focus on renewable energy and comprehensive technical expertise, the company is known for its reliability and excellent customer service. It serves a variety of clients, including EPC companies, resellers, and installers across the entire Greek territory.

"The choice of Sharp modules for our business was a clear decision for us," explains Sidirokastritis Zois. "The modules are perfect for residential and C&I projects. Fast delivery, reliability, and excellent service are just some of the benefits. The quality of Sharp solar modules is outstanding, they are durable, robust, and energy-efficient. We can rely on them to provide long-term security for our customers."

One excellent example of the successful partnership between Olympic Engineering & Consulting and Sharp Energy Solutions Europe is the ongoing project for an 800kW installation in a collective energy community. This community is made up of approximately 30 local companies and relies on the high-quality Sharp modules, particularly the NB-JD580 panel, to meet even the most demanding of requirements.

The NB-JD580 is a Glass/Glass solar panel with N-Type 144 M10 half-cells equipped with 16 busbars. The N-Type TOPCon panel features a bifacial ratio of up to 80% and an efficiency of up to 22.45%. It benefits from N-Type TOPCon technology, which gives it more power, better efficiency even in low light, and the ability to use light from both sides more effectively.

The NB-JD580 panel is designed with a low-temperature coefficient of -0.30%/°C, thus ensuring outstanding performance even in elevated ambient temperatures. This feature becomes particularly crucial in the context of climate change and the associated rise in temperatures.

The integration of such advanced technology into the 800 kW project underscores Olympic Engineering & Consulting's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for its clients, ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability, and long-term performance.

"We see a bright future for solar energy in Greece," emphasises Sidirokastritis Zois. "As pioneers of the energy transformation, we plan, design, and install efficient systems that generate solar energy in significant quantities over many years. Our focus is on ensuring long-term operational security and maximum profitability for our customers."

The partnership between Sharp Energy Solutions Europe and Olympic Engineering & Consulting promises to drive the development of renewable energy in the country and promote sustainable change in energy supply.

About Sharp Energy Solutions 
Sharp is one of the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers and has been a driving force behind the use of photovoltaic technologies for 65 years. Sharp offers solar modules for the environmentally conscious energy production. To date, Sharp has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. Sharp’s portfolio of high-performance PV panels is built for residential, commercial, and free-field installations. Working with partners in advanced engineering sectors including aviation, astronautics and the e-mobility industry, Sharp continuously proves innovative strength with new solar applications. Sharp's Project Development Team drives the development of large-scale free-field and industrial rooftop solar parks in Germany. Through strategic land leasing and proactive acquisition of project rights at any stage, Sharp reaffirms its dedication to advancing sustainable solar energy solutions.

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About Olympic Engineering & Consulting
Olympic Engineering & Consulting is a leading company in the Greek PV market with a strong focus on renewable energy and technical expertise. The company offers tailored solutions for PV projects for a variety of customers across the entire Greek territory.