Sharp Introduces Cutting-Edge all black 420W M10 PV Panel

Enhanced Handling and Installation with 108 Half-Cells for Seamless System Integration

Sharp has unveiled the latest addition to its half-cut cell portfolio, the all-black NU-JC420B, a 420W n-Type TOPCon monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel. The panel features a black backsheet and a black frame, making it ideal for both long and short frame side clamping. It is specifically designed for residential, small-scale commercial, and industrial rooftop installations.

The NU-JC420B module stands out with its low weight, compact dimensions, and exceptional mounting flexibility, ensuring easy handling, installation, and seamless system integration.

High power output
The NU-JC420B boasts an efficiency of 21.51%. Its advantageous low temperature coefficient of -0.300%/°C enhances its performance significantly at elevated ambient temperatures, which is an increasingly vital feature because of the impact of climate change and the subsequent temperature increases.

High product reliability 
The new module is built with M10 wafer (182 mm) half-cells. Utilising round ribbons in the 16-busbar technology enhances power gain for each cell and reduces susceptibility to microcracks, resulting in improved module reliability.

Each Sharp half-cell module is equipped with three small junction boxes, each fitted with a bypass diode. This design choice reduces heat transfer to the cells above which enhances panel longevity and overall system performance.

The panel comes with the authentic MC4 connector, making it compatible with the majority of mainstream optimisers, inverters, and mounting systems.

The panel's safety, quality, and durability have been recognised as it has been awarded IEC seals (IEC61215 and IEC61730). It has undergone rigorous testing to comply with international standards and withstand extreme conditions, successfully passing tests for ammonia, salt mist, sand, and PID resistance. The panel also passed the rigorous EN13501 ‘reaction to fire’ test, demonstrating its exceptional safety and reliability.

Easy to handle
With measurements of 1722 x 1134 mm and a slim 30 mm frame height, the NU-JC420B weighs in at 20.7 kg. These specifications make it an ideal choice for straightforward installation in residential, small-scale commercial, and industrial rooftop systems with seamless system integration. The panel's adaptability to various mounting methods, including short and long frame side clamping, screwing, and sliding, allows for flexible assembly, leading to reduced balance of system and capital expenditure costs.

The NU-JC420B is covered by Sharp’s 25year EU End User product guarantee (12-years MEA) and 25-year performance guarantee, with a minimum of 85% in year 25.

Andrew Lee, Sales Director at EMEA SHARP Energy Solutions Europe: “With the incorporation of the new black-framed half-cut cell NU-JC420B panel, our product portfolio is expanding to include a module designed for easy handling and installation in residential and small-scale C&I rooftop setups, while ensuring high performance and reliability. We are proud to share that, in addition to passing the EN13501 ‘reaction to fire’ test, our solar panel is also MCS certified, which reaffirms its compliance with high-quality and low-carbon energy standards.”

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