Print Production & Job Management Software

EFI Fiery Impose

Imposition errors stemming from complex jobs are costly and drain time from tight production schedules but Fiery Impose streamlines and automates the imposition process, making production more efficient.

Fiery Impose is an intuitive WYSIWYG solution designed for production environments. The robust toolset delivers a fast, automated approach to time consuming and tedious tasks that leave operators open to errors. With Impose, designers don't need to worry about including imposition settings; they can delegate this activity to operators at production time, enabling them to take advantage of the fast, accurate document imposition capabilities.

Fiery Impose extends the driver-based imposition capabilities offered by Booklet Maker and includes content editing capabilities without modifying native files, adding or deleting pages, and the ability to do a pre-flight check for potential errors.

The solution also reduces the complexity associated with variable data printing (VDP). With Impose, variable data jobs with multiple records of variable length can be imposed in specific sequences to produce a variety of applications, including booklets, books, coupons and business cards. And the Control Strip lets operators quickly identify mistakes, reduce waste, and improve turnaround times.

With Fiery Impose, users can:
  • Create unlimited user definable imposition templates
  • Apply imposition templates from Job Properties and Virtual Printers
  • Quickly and easily view thumbnails and full-screen previews of actual page content in the imposition signature
  • Manage production of imposed jobs with mixed media requirements
Fiery JobMaster lets users incorporate fully visual tab insertion and design, page-level ticketing, finishing, scanning and powerful late-stage editing capabilities. Fiery Impose and Fiery JobMaster work together to simplify labour intensive document preparation activities in order to shorten job set up times of even the most complex jobs.

Key features

  • Total colour print control
  • Powerful processing technology
  • Precise production class printing
  • Streamline and automate the imposition processs
  • Enables faster and more efficient document assembly
  • Reduce processing time and errors
  • Simpler imposition for VDP jobs
  • Increase productivity for faster turnaround times