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What can all-in-one printers do? 

While many multifunction devices combine the talents of printers and photocopiers, the two functions are not interchangeable. It may seem obvious, but a printer’s job is to print, and a photocopier is to duplicate a document. 

Today, modern all-in-one printers can do much more than just print and make copies. They can fax, scan and share information, such as scan-to-email. You can also add extra finishing functions to your all-in-one printer, like hole-punching, stapling and booklet making. 

From pixels to paper

There are plenty of things to consider when looking for the perfect printer or multifunction printer. Do you need access to colour printing, or will black & white be sufficient? Do you want to print in just A4 or would an A3 device help you to achieve more?  

There is also the matter of speed. For small teams, a desktop or all-in-one printer should be more than fast enough to take documents from screen to print, but for offices with high volumes of printing, something like a light production device may be best. 

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Do printers need document & print management software?

To make sure your photocopier is being used properly and productively, make sure you use document & print management software. This ensures printer access will only be given to team members who need it most. For example, by enabling certain departments to access colour printing or duplex printing while preventing others who don’t need those functions from doing so. The best management software also allows you to add user authentication to the printer, keeping sensitive data secure and reducing wasted paper.  

It can also help improve document management, secure document storage and more, for a fully optimised workflow.  

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Do all-in-one or multifunction devices need security?

Yes. You might think printers don’t need security, but they do. They contain the same components as your laptop computer, meaning printers are targeted by hackers in just the same way.  

The best devices feature security measures designed to protect your sensitive data. Look out for: 

  • Self-healing firmware that backs up settings and aids recovery in the event of an attack 
  • Whitelisting that monitors access attempts and only grants access to applications and firmware on approved whitelists  
  • S/MIME encryption that prevents the interception of data during email transmission 
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