Sharp A4 colour MFPs Expand Security and Sustainability

Sharp A4 colour MFPs Expand Security and Sustainability

The Sharp BP-C533WR, Sharp BP-C533WD, and Sharp BP-C542WD are our latest next-generation A4 colour MFPs offering a host of features to improve productivity and usability. Ben Lake, Senior Product Manager – MFP & Printer Products at Sharp Europe looks at how Sharp innovation brings greater security and sustainability to hybrid workspaces.   

The future of work is constantly changing. As organisations continue to adopt more hybrid working patterns, enabling employees to split time between office, work and offsite locations, businesses are looking for smarter print solutions to compliment the way they work. This has resulted in Sharp developing hybrid solutions that not only offer greater connectivity and security but do so without compromising our commitment to sustainability.   

How and where we work is driving this change. Over the last two years, office downsizing has increased across the European SME landscape, with the obvious knock-on effect to printing patterns and volumes. This has forced many businesses to consider not only the role of printing, but also the size of MFP or printer required.  

A3 sizes have long been seen as the most office-friendly MFP format as they offer flexibility and scale. However, the most obvious benefit of modern A4 machines is that they tend to have smaller footprint compared to their A3 counterparts, so can take full advantage of smaller working environments.   

Then there are usage considerations. A4 products are great for workgroups of 3-5 regular users with lower-than-average monthly print volumes. It is worth noting that A4 MFPs do not come with as many finishing options as A3 devices, which tend to have the capability to staple, fold, and stack multiple sheets. However, if an organisation only prints on letter or legal-size paper, the simplicity of A4 machines work in the organisation’s favour.   

Thinking about how employees interact with print in the present, and how the business plays to exploit digital as well as print going forward will help to define the needs of the business.   

Introducing Sharp Next Generation of A4 colour MFPs  

 Sharp’s new range of colour A4 MFPs, consisting of the Sharp BP-C533WR, Sharp BP-C533WD, and Sharp BP-C542WD, are our most advanced, most secure, most feature rich A4 MFPs we have yet delivered to the European market. They have been designed to enable seamless collaboration and robust security, while meeting sustainability goals by bringing together our proven industry leading reliability and award-winning usability for peace of mind.  

As with the Sharp MX-C528F,  Sharp MX-C428F and Sharp MX-C358F released in 2023, you’ll find these new models offer colour printing in a compact desktop format that ideally suits the needs of SOHO, small workgroup and mid or large offices. They can be positioned in a desktop or floor standing configuration.  

With features such as the 7-inch operational panel, fast and efficient 1200 dpi print resolution, and easy scanning settings, the MFPs make it easy for employees to access and share documents from anywhere.   

From a connectivity perspective, they offer Wireless LAN support, as well as NFC and Bluetooth, while mobile users can readily gain access using the Sharpdesk Mobile app. They also introduce our latest generation controller platform that further improves and enhances usability, performance, productivity all with class leading security. Furthermore, due to the commonality between Sharp A4 and A3 products, using them in the office will allow for seamless integration and ease of maintenance.    

The Sharp BP-C533WR and Sharp BP-C533WD offer print speeds of up to 33 pages per minute (ppm), while the Sharp BP-C542WD supports print up to 42 ppm. All three offer the same functional operability and high productivity as our award-winning A3 colour MFPs. However, they are not intended to replace A3 models. Rather, they are intended to compliment them. The Sharp BP-C452WD also offers a new finishing option ‘Inner Finisher’, which enables the MFP to handle document sorting and stapling with ease.   

The brand-new MFPs also have eco-friendly features to align with sustainability initiatives. Default double-sided printing, long-life consumables, and recyclable packaging reduce waste. Low-power modes conserve energy, while faster warm up times lower power consumption. By considering environmental factors, the A4 MFPs enable cost-effective and eco-friendly printing.   

Overall, the new Sharp MFPs are designed to meet today's needs - enabling easy collaboration and robust security while reducing environmental impact. Their features facilitate productivity, security, and sustainability for modern workplaces.   

To find out more about how Sharp A4 MFPs and printers highlight our continued commitment to developing office technology that aligns with the modern workplace, Get In Touch.