Residential Solar Installation Finland Baeckstroem

Residential PV installation - Niklas Bäckström, Finland

Ice-hockey player Niklas Bäckström goes solar

Niklas Bäckström owns a vacation home in Inkoo, near Helsinki in southern Finland. After retiring as a player in 2019, he continues his ice-hockey career as a NHL coach. Entering the next phase of his life, he reflected on his values and considered his options for reducing his environmental impact. He started by having solar modules installed on the roof of his vacation home. 

Looking back, Niklas emphasizes that this step was especially easy for him as Playgreen took care of everything down to the details and he never had to worry about the installation process. Playgreen is an experienced and customer oriented SHARP distributer and PV installer based in Helsinki who specializes in residential rooftop installations.

Residential Solar Installation Finland Baeckstroem

The installation is also equipped with a LG Chem RESU 10H battery. On his smartphone Niklas tracks energy consumption and production in real-time.

The design of the summer residence is barely altered thanks to the all-black modules on the black roof. The 36 panels were installed on the roof next to the tennis court where no trees are immediately next to the building and plenty of sunlight is captured.

According to Niklas, this installation is just a first step and one of many things he wants to do to care for the environment. An additional PV installation on his garage is already planned. As a satisfied customer, Niklas Bäckström encourages others to go solar too.

Residential Solar Installation Finland Baeckstroem


Niklas Bäckström's PV Installation

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