Golf Course Germany Solar Installation

Sustainable Golfing in Cologne, Germany

The St. Urbanus golf course, already awarded for sustainability, now generates solar power –with a self-consumption rate of 95%

Installation by FLiXenergy, Cologne


  • 216 modules of the NU-SC360 series were installed, adding up to 77.76 kWp.
  • The specific yield of 800 kWh/kWp amounts to roughly 62,000 kWh of generated energy annually, which covers about 43% of the power demand of the golf course.
  • 95% of the generated energy is used for self-consumption.
  • The golf course was awarded the “Golfing & Nature” gold award by the DGV (German Golfing Association) for their sustainable business model
Solar Installation Golf Course Germany

The St. Urbanus golf course supplies 43% of its energy demand with its Sharp solar power plant

216 modules of SHARP series NU-SC360 were installed on top of the utility rooms at the St. Urbanus golf course in Cologne, Germany. St. Urbanus golf course has a history of sustainability: they have invested in environmentally friendly technology and have protected areas for toads andbirds to brood. This commitment has been recognized by the DGV with a gold award for „Golf & Nature“. Part of the sustainable strategy is the newly installed PV plant: the 216 SHARP modules generate enough energy to supply 43% of the course’s energy demand. The specific yield is estimated to be 800 kWh/kWp annually, allowing the modules to generate 62,000 kWh of energy. This way, St. Urbanus is able to drastically reduce its environmental footprint. The panels were installed using long side clamping and facing South and South-East on the curved roof. The generated electricity is used to power the country house.

Solar Installation Golf Course Germany

The Sharp PV installation combines ecological and economical benefits

While the SHARP solar power plant has a significant positive environmental impact, it also
provides savings after the investment has been paid off. The break even point of the investment is
estimated to be reached after only 10.2 years. The size of the installation was planned to
maximize self-consumption of the energy and minimize excess energy which is fed into the grid.

Sharp quality and guarantee ensures the long-term success of the project

The Sharp NU-SC360 panels are the perfect project solution and have been installed in several
projects worldwide. Moreover, SHARP provides a 10-year product guarantee and 25 years of
linear power output guarantee on all PV panels.

Solar Installation Golf Course Germany

PV Panels
Product: NU-SC360
Number of modules: 216
Rated power: 360 Wp
Cells: 72
Size: 1956 x 992 x 40 mm
Efficiency: 18.5%

Solar Power Plant
Plant size: 77.76 kWp
Roof orientation:East and South-East
Roof pitch: 15°

Other Components
4 Fronius inverters
96 kWh NES storage solution
Lorenz mounting system (solution for bitumen roofs)

Approx. 62,000 kWh annually.
Reaching the break-even point after only10 years.