Solar Installation Habor Sweden

Sharp PV Panels Power a Boat Marina in Sweden

Öckerö Harbor and Fishermen's Association

Fishing is one of the main industries in the municipality of Öckerö (which consists of 10 inhabited islands). The fishing harbor‘s southwestern part has a guest harbor with 2 jetties and a quay for long-term mooring.

Mainly between May and September small leisure boats and recreational vehicles (RVs) and caravans rent a parking spot in the harbor.

Solar Installation Harbor Sweden 2

A Solar powered harbor

The objective of this installation was to produce energy sustainably as this is a competitive advantage that distinguishes the harbor from other guest harbors. The 465 solar modules were installed on roofs of 41 small houses that are typical for Swedish small boat harbors.

The investor wanted to reduce electricity costs as they have a high consumption during the summer, being a very popular guest harbor. Conveniently, the solar power yield also peaks in the summer, making  the PV system a highly compatible solution.

High quality mounting system of Magnelis from Swedish Weland for the installation were used in combination with the reliable SHARP modules. The inverters are carefully protected as they are installed on the north side of the houses and are mounted in housings.

Solar Installation Habor Sweden 3

Self-consumption and feed-in

The PV system is estimated to cover 40% of the annual energy demand of the marina, whereas 30% of the overall yield is fed into the grid for further compensation of the electricity expenses.

The annual electricity costs are estimated to be reduced by about 18,500 EUR.

" We are positively surprised by the high yield of the system. Many thanks to Gothia Solenergi and their partners for a very good cooperation"

The operator
Öckerö Hamnförening

"A very special project with high demands on the used products and installation. Thanks to skilled installers and a very helpful customer everything went very smooth"

The distributor
Gunnar Johansson
Solenergie Göteborg AB