Jason Cort Discussing IT Services, Audio Visual, and Beyond Print in the In the Spotlight Podcast

Discussing IT Services, Audio Visual, and Beyond Print in the In the Spotlight Podcast

Jason Cort, European Director of Product Planning and Marketing at Sharp Europe, sat down with Louella Fernandes, Quocirca Director, and host of the company’s regular ‘In the Spotlight’ podcast, to discuss a wide range of topics. Here we take a quick look at what you can expect from the podcast.

Jason and Louella cover a great deal of ground during the In the Spotlight podcast with Quocirca, from Sharp's move into the IT Services Market, our Audio Visual business, to how it is working with channel partners to extend our value beyond print.

For starters, over the course of the last two years companies of all sizes have been forced to look at their business strategies and evaluate them. And Sharp Europe is no different. The impact from the pandemic not only had a bearing on print volumes, but it also accelerated the role of document processes within the organisation.

“The question is: how we offset the gradual decline in print but not lose the synergies with print? For Sharp, IT Services is a natural place for us to move to.”

Also discussed was the shift to hybrid working brought on by the pandemic. What may have once been seen as a business outlier, has become more the norm, with teams collaborating seamlessly between office and home, for example,

As Jason points out: “As people start to return to the office, to hybrid working, and the hybrid meetings, the need for having great professional AV solutions and the displays and the underlying applications that come with them become really important.”

Sharp has always been a trusted partner to end users and the channel, and continues to work closely with partners, dealers, and resellers. It is not only our business that is changing, but digital transformation is also transforming all areas of the supply chain.  

“What we at Sharp are trying to do for our dealers is help them on their journey beyond print,” says Jason. “We have worked with many dealers over recent years and are focussing our efforts on those who want to make the digital journey with us.”  

That’s not the end of the discussion, as Jason and Louella also discuss Sharp’s IT services division, our strategy and approach to partners, the cross-selling opportunity for print, display and IT services in the channel, and even which innovations are set to shape the future office.

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'In The Spotlight' Podcast with Jason Cort

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