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Sharp launches new high-performance half-cut cell PV portfolio

Sharp today announces the availability of its new half-cut cell module portfolio, including three new monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) panels to the NU product family: NU-JC330, NU-BA385 and NU-JB395. The new half-cut cell PERC modules offer a 2-3% higher module performance compared to standard full cell panels, providing customers with an efficient and reliable solution for every application, from residential projects up to large-scale commercial installations and free-field power plants.

For the new half-cell modules, full cells are cut into two equal parts, which means the electrical current generated per cell is halved and resistance losses are reduced to one quarter, ultimately increasing the power output for the user.

The halved current produced in the modules significantly decreases the temperature in the cells, reducing the risk of hot spots effects and therefore increasing the lifespan of the modules. The half-cells also have three small junction boxes instead of just one, each fitted with one bypass diode, transferring less heat to the cells above and in turn boosting the longevity of the panels and the overall performance of the system.

All three new modules can be mounted in portrait, which is beneficial for shady conditions such as free-field or tilt-mounted roof installations, as unlike full cells, the half-cut cells can still generate a 50% performance with the upper half of the module, even when the lower half is shaded.

The 144 monocrystalline half-cell panels NU-BA385 and NU-JB395 are suitable for large scale roof top or ground mounted facilities that demand highest yields. The NU-JB395 offers the highest power output of 395W, a module efficiency of 19.6% and 1,500 V system voltage. With the addition of 1400mm cables that enable leapfrog wiring and reduce balance of system (BOS) costs, this module is the ideal choice for major industrial projects and power plants.

The 120 half-cell panel NU-JC330 offers a power output of 330W, achieving 19.5% module efficiency, making it suitable for industrial and residential roof installations. All modules offer customers improved reliability, efficiency and reduced series resistance, thanks to improved five busbar technology.

The safety, quality and durability of the modules has been recognised with IEC seals (IEC61215andIEC61730). The modules are robust in product design, and have been rigorously tested for compliance with international standards and endurance under extreme conditions, passing tests for ammonia, salt mist, sand and PID resistance.   

Peter Thiele, President of Sharp Energy Solutions Europe said: “Sharp’s innovation and developments into module technology for over half a century have allowed us to improve and adapt to market circumstances, offering our customers proven technology and a portfolio of products that ensure a high quality standard and security on investment. We ensure our customers can always rely on Sharp, with local support teams and services offered across Europe that enable our customers get the best from Sharp’s technology and products.”